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Vegetable Drink Mini Tea bag

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Vegetable Drink Mini Tea bag

│ Description │

Vegetable Drink Mini Teabag is a mini-version of 365 Vegetable Drink (Tea-Bag) for better convenience and practicability.
Earnestly made for easy use at your office or home.
This pure-natural food is made by processing dried organic vegetables (white radish, carrot, radish leaves, burdock, and shiitake mushroom) in accurate mixing ratio.

│ How to take │

* It is recommended to take before meals in empty stomach.
* It is well brewed both in cold and warm water; please enjoy according to your preference.
* It may be brewed twice in 250ml mug.
* After 15 minutes you can enjoy it’s own taste and smell

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Vegetable Drink Mini Tea bag